This episode, Alan gets locked down by family commitments.  Christian & Paul take over.  

In this episode:

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot, newly crowned hottest Jewish actress in Paul's rankings.  Sorry Natalie.

Fast & Furious Franchise and other bad movie franchises.

More bad analogies by Paul.

If you're wondering, Paul got a new mic.  Still looking for a headset sponsor...

Double Standards

We get a little political with Trump and Obama, the new face of Facebook.

Proud of porn stars with integrity.

Taco Bell

Why Paul isn't 400 lbs.

Why Paul is still a nurse.

Christian parallels nursing and parenting.

Christian feels that Paul *might* make a good father.

Paul will have kids on a dare.

Paul pulls a Trump.

Paul vs. iPads

Video Games vs. TV

Precedence vs ideals vs ethics vs convenience

Being a good lover vs being a good parent

Medical Professionals make horrible patients

Paul has a shitty memory

Negotiating with parents and actual police.


Paul's plugs:


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