In this episode:

Paul shoots a Spanish wedding with a twist

Foreigners with foreign accents

Alan explains Google Hangouts to a pre-5 year old

Reminiscing about playing our own version of American Gladiators and Double Dare

Remakes of things of that shouldn't be remade

Hot swaps on actors

Alan has deep knowledge of Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Paul bought a house

Fresh Off the Boat parallels our own lives

Game of Thrones

Paul hates watching NBA

Christian and Paul play Ascension and Race for the Galaxy.  Hit us up if you play on iPhone or Android

Officiating in NBA, Tennis and NFL

The problem with officiating professional sportsr

Paul would rather watch golf than watch NBA Basketball

Alan LISTENS to golf on the radio

Paul has another horrible analogy

Christian orders Paul a pizza


Originally recorded: 6/12/2017

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